I went to the open mic at Pustervik once again. This time I played a new song that I got inspired to when I was in Nashville the last time. The song is about how many people wish to go to Nashville and hopefully be able to make it there so the can stay. Nashville Skyline Take Me Home is it called. The nice people at Pustervik put the performances on Youtube, so here you can see it.

One of the places I always visit in Nashville is the Commodore Grille. They have writers rounds just about every night so you can see the best songwriters in Nashville. The night I went, I also signed up for the open mic. Luckily, this night the show was broadcast over local radio and also video filmed. So my little show can be seen here!

Since my album From the Basement is soon coming out, I will have a Release show at a small café in Göteborg. It will be at Dirty Records which is a small café and recordstore specializing on vinyl records. Please come it will be better the more people that show up.

Friday February 20th at 5 PM at Dirty Records, Andra Långgatan 4, Göteborg.






In Göteborg, there is an event called Kultur-natta (culture-night) which is a night when all kinds of culture, music, dance, poetry is played all over the city. I had the chance to take part in the program at the cafe Vida La Vida. Vi had a great time, my kids with friends came. My wife and may aunt came. There were a lot of people in the small café and we had a good time. We stayed and watched some of the other artists on the program.

Below is a link to a videoclip from my performance, if you click on the picture.