Monthly Archives: January 2016

Everytime I’ve been to Nashville, I have been so busy that I haven’t had time to check out the bars on Broadway. This time I decided to spend some time there. I found that my favorite place was Roberts Western World. I saw several great bands there. They all played good old honky tonk music. One really good band was Don Kelly Band. They had an awesome bassplayer – Slick Joe Fick.

Roberts Western World

Tagen med Lumia Selfie
Slick Joe Fick

I have always thought that the big CMA Awards show in Nashville was only for people in the music business. One day I was walking by the big Bridgestone Arena and I saw a sign that said – Tickets for CMA Awards. I got in there and they had tickets! So, I had a chance to see this years great show. A highlight was to see Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake performing together.
Chris Stapleton

Luke Bryan

Next stop on my Nashville-trip was the Nashville songwriting camp. I have been looking for a camp like that and now I found that Larry Cordle was going to be an instructor at the camp. If you don’t know him, he has written hits like Highway 40 Blues for Ricky Skaggs, Murder on Music Row and Black Diamond Strings. It was a great experience to meet Larry and the other instructors. The camp was held out in the country close to Goodlettsville.
Me and Larry Cordle
Larry Cordle, Donna Ulisse, Jon Weisberger.

One of the places I always visit in Nashville is the Commodore Grille. They have writers rounds just about every night so you can see the best songwriters in Nashville. The night I went, I also signed up for the open mic. Luckily, this night the show was broadcast over local radio and also video filmed. So my little show can be seen here!

The first night on my trip to Nashville was a success. I had already booked tickets to Grand Ole Opry since I knew that Charlie Daniels was going to be there. I have never seen him and wanted to see him. What I didn’t know was that Brad Paisley had been added at the last minute, so I had the chance to see him also for the first time!