Since my album From the Basement is soon coming out, I will have a Release show at a small café in Göteborg. It will be at Dirty Records which is a small café and recordstore specializing on vinyl records. Please come it will be better the more people that show up.

Friday February 20th at 5 PM at Dirty Records, Andra Långgatan 4, Göteborg.






For you who are interested in distributing a CD, I have to say that you should take a look at CDBaby. Their service is absolutely amazing! If you have a CD and you want it to be on Spotify or iTunes, it is just about impossible to do it yourself. You just can’t call Spotify and say that they should have your CD. It doesn’t work that way. If you belong to a record company, they will take care of that. But, if you don’t have a recording contract? So, for a very small fee, CDBaby will take care of all that for you. So, you send your CD to CDBaby or upload your digital CD and after a few weeks the CD is on Spotify and iTunes!

Once you have your CD on Spotify, you will soon see that you don’t get much money from them. But, that is another story…

All songs are mixed, the CD is mastered. Now my team is working on the CD cover (team – I guess it is my kids and friends). We made a photoshoot in the kitchen and I used an app on my Nokia Windows phone that changes photos so they look like drawings. The picture below will probably be the one I use for the CD cover. I think it looks great. Just like a drawing and the guitar headstock looks really sharp. Another new item is that I got my own domain. This page is now on


I have been working for over a year with writing songs and recording them. My plan is to have 10 songs on the CD. I have some recording of harmonies and instruments still to do, but it is getting closer to the finish.

I have put up the raw mix of some songs on soundcloud. There is no EQ or any adjustment of levels, just a raw mix. Here is an example of one of the songs: