Last night I tried a new open mic night at Folkteatern at Järntorget in Göteborg. It was a nice venue with a lot of people in the audience. The performances was more into theater and performance since it is at a theater. I played three songs and headed over to the open mic at Dubliners across the street and played some more there. It was a busy night.


It has been a busy week. Last monday I went to the open mic at Dubliner and Jan Cederlöf was nice to give me a new drawing. On wednesday I hosted the OldTime jam at Vida La Vida on Fjärde Långgatan in Göteborg. After that I went to open mic at Calor on Viktoriagatan. In the meantime I have written a new song about Gentleman Jack (the founder of the Jack Daniels destillery).



Tonight I went to Douglas Corner and met a lot of interesting people and played two songs from the stage.

I didn’t get picked to play this time, but hopefully next monday

Amazing thing happened last night. On google+ Daria Musk has been doing online concerts in the google+ hangouts. She has become famous in the online community and is touring around the world because of that.

She had one online concert last night and I managed to join, so I could play Facebook Blues for the world. That was very cool.

Here is a link to the concert and me playing.