Facebook Blues

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson Copyright © thorstenj@hotmail.com, Nov 23, 2011

I woke up this morning I rushed out of bed

I need to get that feeling right out of my head

I had to update the status on my facebook wall

and if I don’t do that don’t need to go up at all.



I got that facebook blues, it’s driving me mad

I got that facebook blues, it’s making me sad

I got that facebook blues, I might as well drop dead


In the beginning of our relation everything was fine

If I posted about morning coffee you responded with a smiley face

and when I posted about lunch you had some nice things to say

and when I posted about dinner you said hugs and how are you


I didn’t see your comments for many days at all

I didn’t know what happened I had to check your wall

It was the most depressing I didn’t like it at all

for You had started to comment on some other guys wall




When he posted about his cat you said it was the cutest you have seen

when he posted about dinner you had the same for you

I knew it was over I never see your wall again

I never knew this could happen I lost a facebook friend


My boss said to me, he heard from IT

That I checked my wall about 100 times per day

I had to go, Oh lord I had to go

I lost my job for that facebook blues



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