Waitress In Tennessee

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson thorstenj@hotmail.com, Oct 14, 2012

I was playing Honky Tonk in a Nashville bar

I lived on beer and my tip-jar

Next by the counter, I saw her standing there

Dark hair, brown eyes, and I pulled up a chair

In a little while, a tap on my shoulder

Hi there honey, are you alright, I just wanted to see

When you are travelling and your heart gets a little colder

all you need is a few kind words from a girl in Tennessee



Just playing guitar and feel a gentle hand

On my shoulder, her brown eyes look at me

Never be a star, I don’t ask for much

but I always love the girl from Tennessee

late at night I’m standing outside on the street

waitress opens the door she looks at me so sweet

it took just a moment, then she walked by

I’m standing by myself, look at the sky


don’t know if she’s married, if she has five kids

all I know, it feels so warm when she looks at me

when you’re alone and fortune collects its bits

at least you can think about the girl in Tennessee



it was many years, that night in Tennessee

I wonder if she’s happy and if she still remembers me

but, if life had turned in other ways

I could have spent my life with a girl from Tennessee


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