Monthly Archives: December 2012

I have been working for over a year with writing songs and recording them. My plan is to have 10 songs on the CD. I have some recording of harmonies and instruments still to do, but it is getting closer to the finish.

I have put up the raw mix of some songs on soundcloud. There is no EQ or any adjustment of levels, just a raw mix. Here is an example of one of the songs:

I used my new cellphone to record one of my original songs. I have been interested in the events that led to the birth of country music in Bristol TN/VA in 1927. There is a big festival every year to celebrate the event called the Bristol Rythm and Roots Reunion.

I wrote this song about the first recordings of Jimmy Rodgers, the Carter family and many other artists in 1927.


I have stayed at home during the last week and practised. Next week will be a busy week instead. I plan to go to Dubliners open mic on monday, Calors open mic on wednesday. Maybe Vida la Vidas open mic on thursday and at last Oldtime jam on friday.

Here is a picture from todays jogging. Not about music, but a nice winter view.