Dancing in sandals

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson Copyright © thorstenj@hotmail.com, July, 2012

This is the most amazing night

Walking the streets with a beautiful lady

The night is warm the stars are bright

Walk next to her and she never says maybe

We walk by a bar there´s music inside

Peoples faces reflected by candles

We can’t pass there’s nowhere to hide

When I look down all I see is your sandals



Dancing in sandals

A night on the town

Light from the candles

We don’t want to go home

Dancing in sandals

Where did you go

We don’t want to go home


Next to the corner there is a square

In that place is the Oliphant statue

Restaurants and music in the air

The old water tower looks down on the city

Outside a bar we see a street musician

You give him all money you can spare

No signs of fright and suspicion

Those are the things that show how you care






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