Model A Ford

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson Copyright ©, July 31, 2013

A sunny day I was walking down the street

I saw a shape that struck up a chord

It was a rusty hood that made me speed up my feet

It was the silhouette of a Model A Ford


Then I heard something in the air

A story from a long time ago

A story about love and care

And treat your love like a Model A Ford.


My grandfather happened to have one of them

He showed me how it would run

Fill up the gas but not to the rim

Drip of oil to make it hum


A little of choke and turn on the key

Press the gas gently down to the board

Spark from the sparkplugs and you will see

What your love makes to a Model A Ford



So love and care

will take you there

just like a Model A Ford

Treat your love

Like you treat your car

Will be your love life’s best reward


So one day, when my grandchildren will come

I will bring home something for them to see

Something rusty that we can work on

Wonder if you can guess what it will be


So, I can teach them about love and care

Missing that, we can’t afford

So this story is something I want to share

About love and a Model A Ford




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