Monthly Archives: February 2016

Every time I go to Nashville, I meet new friends.  A couple of years ago I met Rich Eckhardt at the open mic at Douglas Corner.  This time I had the opportunity to meet up again at the Tin Roof.  Rich plays lead guitar with Toby Keith and is also a regular musician on the Abc tv show Nashville.  He plays in both Raynas and Lukes band on the show.  It was great to hear some stories from the inside.


I love to see the Time Jumpers when I have a chance. This time the show was sold out, but I was lucky and could get in anyway a while into the first set. The Time Jumpers play every monday and every time I’ve seen them, Vince Gill has been in the band! I found a seat on the side and could enjoy a great show. Had also a chance to see Ranger Doug after the show.


The Time Jumpers with Vince Gill on guitar

Me and Ranger Doug

I always watch the American Pickers show on Discovery Channel. But when I found out that Mike Wolf on the show has his shop in Nashville,  I knew that I had to take a visit.  The shop is in an area called the Marathon Village. It is a really nice place with a lot of small shops.  Mikes store is called Antique Archeology.  The shop has many items that has been on the Tv show.  I even saw Bill Blacks bass (which isn’t really Bill Blacks bass if you have seen the show).


I had read that Jack White has a recordstore in Nashville. I had some spare time so I decided to pay a visit.  Outside I saw a garage door open. Out came a nice black car. I thought it might be Jack himself. It looked like him, it was him! I kept looking,  he looked back and waved, I waved back.
Inside I immediately recognized the old recording booth that I saw on the Tonight show when Jack was visiting. At that time Neil Young recorded a song in that booth. It turned out that I could record myself for 15 $. So that is what I did! I have recorded in the same studio as Neil Young!