Monthly Archives: February 2016

There will be a lot of music the following week. On Thursday March 3, I’m planning to play the open mic at Västerhus in Göteborg. On Sunday March 6, I’m going to the open stage at Pustervik. Finally on Tuesday March 8, I’m playing a show at Vida La Vida.


Every time I go to Nashville, I meet new friends.  A couple of years ago I met Rich Eckhardt at the open mic at Douglas Corner.  This time I had the opportunity to meet up again at the Tin Roof.  Rich plays lead guitar with Toby Keith and is also a regular musician on the Abc tv show Nashville.  He plays in both Raynas and Lukes band on the show.  It was great to hear some stories from the inside.


I love to see the Time Jumpers when I have a chance. This time the show was sold out, but I was lucky and could get in anyway a while into the first set. The Time Jumpers play every monday and every time I’ve seen them, Vince Gill has been in the band! I found a seat on the side and could enjoy a great show. Had also a chance to see Ranger Doug after the show.


The Time Jumpers with Vince Gill on guitar

Me and Ranger Doug

I always watch the American Pickers show on Discovery Channel. But when I found out that Mike Wolf on the show has his shop in Nashville,  I knew that I had to take a visit.  The shop is in an area called the Marathon Village. It is a really nice place with a lot of small shops.  Mikes store is called Antique Archeology.  The shop has many items that has been on the Tv show.  I even saw Bill Blacks bass (which isn’t really Bill Blacks bass if you have seen the show).


I had read that Jack White has a recordstore in Nashville. I had some spare time so I decided to pay a visit.  Outside I saw a garage door open. Out came a nice black car. I thought it might be Jack himself. It looked like him, it was him! I kept looking,  he looked back and waved, I waved back.
Inside I immediately recognized the old recording booth that I saw on the Tonight show when Jack was visiting. At that time Neil Young recorded a song in that booth. It turned out that I could record myself for 15 $. So that is what I did! I have recorded in the same studio as Neil Young!