Raymond Is My Name

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson Copyright © thorstenj@hotmail.com, July, 2012

I started from Knoxville on a warm september day

A mist was in the treetops on the long and winding way

I was racing with trucks that wanted to see my blod

If they knew where I was heading they would have understood

I was soon in Maggie Valley a town next to Cherokee

a small place filled with bikers and a special thing to see

On the left between two motels is a blue music barn

Outside on a sofa an old man took a rest

He reached out his hand and said Raymond is my name

I have built this place so there is no one else to blame

The home of mountain music for everyone to see

If you like good music it is the place to be




Raymond is a special man he plays the banjo well

Ain’t no time for moonshine now we’re heading for his show


From Grand Ole Opry to the deepest part of Blueridge

You can hear this music that in your heart will reach

If you ask careful you can buy his moonshine jelly

It is a cure for every illness if you try it gently




Late at night I started the trip back over the mountains

Mesmerised and puzzled by the old mans skill

The trucks tried to get me but they didn’t make it

So I’m back to tell the story of this man




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