Monthly Archives: July 2013

I had a free day yesterday and it was nice weather so I took out my cellphone and recorded a video. The song is called Bakersfield Bound and is about things I remember from 1979 when I lived in Bakersfield, CA for a year. Both Merle Haggard and Buck Owens come from Bakersfield. It is in the middle of the desert and pretty hot in the summer. First time I came was 111 F. That time there was 26 days in a row with over 100 F.

Today I received my First report from Spotify about my new CD. I was happy to find out that I har over 150 streams in a few days. Very exciting that people find the music! Not so exciting that the 150 streams will award me 79 cents. 😦 Spotify is not going to make me rich.

EDIT: I checked again the next day and the number had increased to 250. Turns out that the numbers were per day, which sounds much better 🙂 I was now up to 1.2 $. It is not a fortune, but could be a couple of hundred dollars in a year.

The open mic at Gamle Port has been going for a while now. It is a nice venue in the center of the city. Here is a picture from the stage tonight.

I had a bad cold for while that kept me home. Had time to write a new song instead. Tonight I’m going to the open mic at Gamle port. It should be fun, a lot of people last time I was there. It is in the central of Göteborg so it is easy to get there. Will try to take a picture if I can. Please come down!