Monthly Archives: April 2013

All songs are mixed, the CD is mastered. Now my team is working on the CD cover (team – I guess it is my kids and friends). We made a photoshoot in the kitchen and I used an app on my Nokia Windows phone that changes photos so they look like drawings. The picture below will probably be the one I use for the CD cover. I think it looks great. Just like a drawing and the guitar headstock looks really sharp. Another new item is that I got my own domain. This page is now on


Hello friends! I have been working on my first solo CD for one and a half year now. I have finally recorded ten songs, mixed them and with the help of Eric Uglum in California got it mastered.

Alberto Fuentes Bigcal has helped me with harmony singing and so has my wife Kajsa.

I have decided to call the project “This Is My Country”.

Now, I need to create a CD cover and after that distribute it so you can either buy it on cdbaby or listen on Spotify.