Hanks Last Show

Lyrics & Music by Thorsten Jakobsson Copyright © thorstenj@hotmail.com, July, 2012

A pale thin man is singing his songs

at the Skyline Club in Austin

the place is filled with dancing fans

and he is strumming chords on his Martin



the songs are sad, but no one cares

this is the time for laughter

the voice is sharp, the suit is white

soon he will end his last show

He is so lonesome he could cry


He got his name from King Hiram of Tyre

who built the Jerusalem temple

and now Hiram is Hank and wrote all the songs

that made him the king of country




He was married with two beautiful women

while courting a third in the meantime

arrested for drinking in Alexander City

and spending the night in jail




In just three weeks he will have a daughter

but she will be born an orphan

in a blue Cadillac with a leaking roof

his troubles came to an end




He is so lonesome he could cry

He is so lonesome I will cry

He is so lonesome we should cry

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