Monday night at the Dubliners open mic

Every other monday I go down to the open mic at the Dubliners pub in Göteborg. Tonight it was hosted as always by Teddy Kaiser who originally comes from the windy city – Chicago. I played three songs and had a good time as always.

  1. thedubliner said:

    Hey there folks. Is there an open mic night tonight, Monday March 3rd at The Dubliner? What does anyone have to do to sign up? Thanks for your time.. Irwin Thomas

  2. Yes, it should be. It starts at 20.00. You should be there pretty early to sign up if you don’t want to play late. You sign up with Billy, he is there from about 18.00.
    And it is the Dubliner at Järntorget, so you don’t go to the other one.

    If there are any changes, they post it on their facebook-page:


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