1. sheree said:

    Thorsten, I am the Assistant Executive Director of Membership at NSAI. WELCOME TO NSAI! and thank you for giving us a chance to help you with your music. here is how to get started.

    you receive 12 song evaluations…send in a song!
    You receive unlimited access to our video archives – start watching today! (i love Woody Bomar’s how to meet with a publisher)
    You receive our weekly Enews – watch all the quick tips and MAN vs. ROW is wonderful!!
    You receive 2 one hour mentoring sessions with one of our staff – so make use of them!
    You have our forums were you can connect – jump in and start posting!

    okay so..obviously i could go on and on but i won’t…i will just say that we are as close as a call and an email.
    We have no magic wand to lead you to success but YOU DO. Thanks for joining and please tell others about us.

    Sheree’ Spoltore’
    Assistant Executive Director of Membership – NSAI

    • Thank you for welcoming me!

      I will be in Nashville in the beginning of october, so I plan to book a mentoring session while I’m there.

      Thanks again,

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