In Göteborg, there is an event called Kultur-natta (culture-night) which is a night when all kinds of culture, music, dance, poetry is played all over the city. I had the chance to take part in the program at the cafe Vida La Vida. Vi had a great time, my kids with friends came. My wife and may aunt came. There were a lot of people in the small café and we had a good time. We stayed and watched some of the other artists on the program.

Below is a link to a videoclip from my performance, if you click on the picture.


I’m currently working on my next CD. I want to have 10 songs on it and I have just finished writing the tenth song. I need to check that the song works. I’m going to send it to Nashville Songwriters Association International to get their opinion. After that I can finish recording. I have recorded raw drafts of 8 songs. Two more to go and some fine tuning. Maybe I can get the CD finished some time during this winter.

Below is some of the lyrics from my latest song, a song about Pop country.








Summer is almost over and it has been interesting with many new experiences.
Last day of summer was also the first open stage for the fallseason at Pustervik. I played two songs. We had a good time and listened to all the acts. There are usually very good musicians and the crowd listens well.

A couple of years ago when I was in Nashville, I happened to meet Melissa Ellen who is a voice coach.

I am not a natural singer, I started singing when I was over 30 years old. So, it is good for me to get some extra help with my voice.

Melissa lives currently in Atlanta and give voice lessons by Skype, so I’ve started taking lessons from her.

I took a couple of lessons a year ago and now I’m at it again. It will hopefully show the next time I play.

Melissa Ellen

Here is her web-site –