I went to Dublin for the first time of my life. It was a great experience. We decided to stay in the Temple Bar district where all the music bars are. I listened to a lot of live music. Too bad that they play so many popular covers and not so much traditionell music as I would have liked. I also took the chance to play myself. I did one performance at the Circle Sessions at the International Bar and I played one set during the Darkey Kelley’s Songwriter night. Great fun and thanks for having me.

I have started to prepare for my next trip to the US. It will be in September and I will be listening to a lot of music. I will start in East Tennessee and after that we’ll se where I’m going next. It will be fun. Here you can see the reason why Nashville is the music capitol in the world. A regular day at Tootsies on Broadway. A bar-band is playing. And members are Brad Paisley and John Fogerty!

2016 was a busy year with a total of 62 shows. 2017 has been busy so far. I have played at Pustervik recently and I have soon enough songs to record a new album. I hope to go to Nashville again in the spring, maybe during TinPanSouth. I have applied to a number of festivals, both as a singer-songwriter and with my band, so we’ll see what happens. Look out for my blog in 2017!

​Thanks to all who came to see me play at Vida la vida! More shows are coming up. Again at Vida la vida on December 16, 2016.  I’m also doing some private shows with my new band. Please come and see me play är Vida la vida. Friday December 26th 2016 at 6pm. Fjärde Långgatan 48, Göteborg. 

Please come and see me play at Vida la vida cultural festival. Friday November 18th 2016 at 6pm. Fjärde Långgatan 48, Göteborg. It will be my 53rd show this year 🙂

Welcome to International Music & Culture Festival Vida La Vida, Friday 18/11 6pm to 10pm! Theme: Love & Peace
Admission: Free!
Artists & speakers :
Thorsten Jakobsson: Country music inspired songs
Fredrik Hagstedt : Improvisin music & poetry for Int.festival Vida La Vida
Patric & Co. “Bien Venue” French music
Martin Lindeskog: Tea culture
Lena Israel: Gypsy and Rusian music
Apadana: Persian pop music

I went to the open mic at Pustervik once again. This time I played a new song that I got inspired to when I was in Nashville the last time. The song is about how many people wish to go to Nashville and hopefully be able to make it there so the can stay. Nashville Skyline Take Me Home is it called. The nice people at Pustervik put the performances on Youtube, so here you can see it.